One of the great benefits of time is the ability to watch trends develop. This year China has taken tentative steps toward becoming a player in the world of media by launching and fostering broad initiatives to consolidate its message on the world stage.

Let’s take a look:

New CCTV building for Media

New CCTV building for Media


I’m so excited to let my readers know that I am now corresponding with a new friend in China! Recently, I decided to do a blog segment on life in China. Rather than do “research” per se, I thought having a pen pal would be far more exciting and engaging. What better tool for writing than inspiration!!

So here is my new friend’s first correspondence with me. No doubt, I will respect privacy as we engage later on.

Here it is:

Hey! I”m angel from china, I live in xi’an with a longger history city than beijing,have you heard of that? And I got your massege form internet! I’d like to share my history knowleage with you! do you want to teach something about yours?


Chinese emissions
I’m employing this graphic to highlight the carbon footprint of China and the United States on the world. Note that now China has surpassed the United States as the leader of carbon emissions on the global scene.

However, take into serious consideration the last graphic that clearly breaks down emissions on a per capita basis.

Should any other part of the world actually reach the standard of living that has in fact been achieved here in the United States things could be MUCH worse for the world. Remember, there are a billion plus people in China and on a per capita basis they still do a much better job on emissions than any American citizen.

Queen of the Blogosphere

Queen of the Blogosphere

This is the face of the most popular blog in the world. Meet Xu Jiang Lei. With over 50 million page views this small petite woman gets her share of googling eyes and not just from a search engine. Miss thang is the preminent movie star in China and if you don’t know her. . . catch up!

According to Wikipedia :in mid 2006, her Chinese language blog had the most incoming links of any blog in any language on the Internet, so saysTechnorati!

Wow such fame! Yet the funny aspect of all this is that she is not so well known where it counts: the international box office.


* Spicy Love Soup (1997)
* The Storm Riders (1998)
* Dazzling (2002)
* Spring Subway (2002)
* Far From Home (2002)
* I Love You (2002)
* Heroic Duo (2003)
* My Father and I (2003)
* Brothers (2004)
* Last Love, First Love (2004)
* Letter from an Unknown Woman (2004)
* Dreams May Come (2006)
* Confession of Pain (2006)
* The Warlords (2007)
* Shinjuku Incident (2009)